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Postnatal Support Belly Band



After you have given birth, your stomach has a kind of deflating, and you're left with this jiggly bag. It feels really bulky and uncomfortable. Sometimes, when you don't have a core power, it's normal to overcompensate your back while you're moving about. It can lead to some pretty bitter back pain in the first few weeks! 


The Postnatal Support Belly Belt with the new triple compression will help you get back to your pre-pregnancy dresses faster. What we think the most important thing is that it will give you the confidence that you've lost for months or years when you see your stomach tense up. Only start wearing it if you feel relaxed after delivery and see the magic of the Postnatal Support Belly Belt. '



Adjustable & Good for Mothers: You can easily put it on yourself and the pull is equal on both sides, you can adjust how tight you want it without removing the band to keep you supported for a long time. Is it a great gift for women just after giving birth or someone had surgery, resulting in loose skin and back pain? 

Outstanding Support: If you're going through vaginal birth or c-section, your pelvis has widened to get you ready for work. Using the pelvis band to put the pelvis back to form. Postnatal belly wrap & abdominal binder will help support your back, minimize back pain, and help hold your baby in good posture when breastfeeding. -The postpartum healing of the belly brace.


Strong &Breathable: Made of stretchy, breathable and lightweight fabrics. Flexible, breathable, easy to clean. It doesn't roll up, so it can be worn under clothing. The postnatal belly belt is made of polyamide and elastane, Ultra-breathable in four seasons! 



Medical-Gradecompression: Our Postnatal belly belt forces the abdominal muscles and the internal organs to "relaunch" andfunction together perfectly. 

Recover Perfect Body Faster: Your body has just performed a miracle, it's time to get your body back in shape. Our Postnatal Belt Belt helps to tuck your uterus in, which helps to compress your womb down to pre-pregnancy size while helping your other organs toget back to pre-pregnancy.

Undercover Design: Almost invisible beneath the clothes. Slip in and out quickly without any additional support.

Doubles As a Full Silhouette Fix: Keeps the unsightly bulges pulled in. It prevents stretching pregnancy-marks from developing.

No Back-ache: stimulates deep pelvic contractions that end back pain and provides significant help during back-feeding.

Stomach belt: Shrinks the abdomen and abdominals halfway back to normal. Provided 1-7 days after birth or c-section.

Waist belt: Flattens all the mid-sections. Relieves back pain. Recommended 1-6 weeks after birth or c-section.

Pelvic belt: Speeds up pelvic contractions, reboots and restores optimum muscle and organ function.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How long can I use it after normal childbirth?

Use the abdomen belt as early as possible. It is the most effective to wear it from the second day after delivery to half a year. It does good to shape the waist and abdomen curve, prevent the sagging of internal organs, promote uterine contraction, and help body recovery

2. How soon after a C section can I wear Mommy Tummy Miracle?

In our experience, 3-4 days is a good plan, to give the wound some time to heal. Afterward, feel free to wear Mommy Tummy Miracle as much as you like

3. I gave birth months ago, is Postnatal Belly Belt still working for me? 

Of course! Our postnatal belly belt is designed to provide continuous support to the body, to improve flexibility, to relieve back pain and to slim down.

That said, it's best to start close to birth. This is because childbirth releases hormones (relaxing, progesterone, and estrogens) that loosen the core muscles, ligaments, and joints. The sooner you start, the better your recovery will help.

4. Is Postnatal Belly Beltsuccessfulin slimmingdownmy body? 

Absolutely! Even though our postnatal belly belt helps you lose weight, you are always going to look amazingly smaller and smoother when you're wearing it

5. But where is all the fat going? 

There is also a considerable amount of fat cells that accumulate in the region. These over-stretched muscles don't contract immediately after delivery, leaving flabby skin and fat around the abdomen. Wrapping the abdomen with a cloth or a postpartum belt helps tighten and strengthen these muscles.