Anti-Colic Baby Bottle



Colic "gas" is a little bit like calling the Pacific Ocean "wet."

While gas is a symptom of colic, it's just a little bit more! You may have heard the horror stories of moms losing weeks of sleep to a baby wracked by the discomfort from colic, or you may have had your ownstory. While colic may sound like the end of the world for new moms, solving this problem is also surprisingly simple.

Indigestion and colic are some of the most common causes of baby distress and the main cause of it is almost always the way they eat. The good news is that if you can find a safe way to feed your baby without getting air into their milk, you'll cut down on an immense amount of pain for both of you.

Design: Shaped like a breast teat for easy latch-on acceptance guaranteed, soft smooth silicone teat feels closer to the skin and flexes like mum's natural nipple.

Material: Made from silica gel. It is soft and feels like a real one. It endures biting and cannot be sucked flat. Milk flows through it smoothly.

Comfortable Feed: Teat design prevents collapse so your baby can enjoy an uninterrupted feed.

Anti-Colic: Sensitive valve on the teat opens to allow air into the bottle which can eliminate excessive airflow and prevent symptoms of colic.

Easy to Use and Clean: 55MM wide neck bottles make filling and cleaning easy, with only a few parts for quick assembly.

BPA free: BPA and phthalate free, that is harmless to the health. It does not contain bisphenol A. 










Material: Glass
Capacity: 60ml
Flow Velocity: Slow Flow
Age Range: 0-3M