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Multifunctional Diaper Bag



Are you having trouble finding a well-designed stroller organizer for your little one? 

Are you frustrated by the lack of storage space for your diaper bag?

This multifunctional diaper bag is for you!  Compact and stylish design with adequate storage space for every situation . With multiple pockets and compartments built-in, it meets all mommy's needs on the go.

Mummy Bag And Crib Support: This multifunctional bag is not just a mummy bag, but also can be converted into a mobile baby bed to let your little one to sleep comfortably.

HugeCapacity: The foldable mummy bag comes with a huge capacity, which allows mummy to carry plenty of stuff when going out with her little one. The bag is split into multiple pockets, that makes it easy for moms to locate and organize the diaper bag. Various compartments in the bagcan easily accommodate arange of milk bottles. The latest model comes with a waterproof pocket for wet items as well.

Humanized Design: The unfolded crib, with a built-in support frame and a cozy sponge pad, is the home for the baby to travel. Anti pressure isolation bed, safe isolation of parents and baby, so as to prevent baby from being pressed, so that the baby has an independent sleeping space.

Compact Size: The foldable and compact mummy bag can be hung on the stroller or on the back of both shoulders. It's specially made for a hot and trendy mom to carry her baby easily. It is suitable for outing, hiking, office, shopping and travelling. The latest design comes with a USB interface as well.

A perfect gift for mum-to-be, baby shower or any other occasion.


  • For safer sleeping, do not use swaddles, cocoons or sleeping bags when co-sleeping with the baby or without adult supervision.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised in the product
  • Stop using the product when your baby begins to roll
  • Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use of the product
  • Put the product on a flat floor surface, away from potential hazards.

Main Material: Polyester
Size: 30cm*21cm (11.81"*8.26")
Item Length: 32cm (12.59")
Item Weight: 1.57kg
Item Height: 43cm (16.92")