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Portable Baby Nest Bed



This adorable nest best relieves every new parent's frustration of finding a comfortable and snuggly place for your precious bundle to rest or nap. This gorgeous lounger stimulates the natural senses of your baby - the natural feeling of being hugged, protected and comfortable like the miracle of a mother's womb. 

This soothing sensation is very calming, even for the most unsettled little ones.

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Smartly Designed To Hug Your BabyThe center area is like a little cocoon and slightly suspended. When you lay your baby down, the sides of the lounger gently pull in, giving them the warm feeling of a snuggle.

Created With Comfort In Mind: With your new Protable Baby Nest Bed, your little one will enjoy hands-free comfort no matter where they are. If you just need five minutes to put the washing out or are in the middle of prepping dinner, the best way to stay close and keep them entertained is to pop your baby in a nest bed.

Portable and Convenient For Parent Who Love To Socialize: Take your Portable Nest Bed whenever you go whether it’s out of a friend’'s house for the evening, or over tovisit your grandma. You can feel relaxed and confident in knowing that your little cargo will be comfortable and perfectly lulled to sleep while you are there.

Pure, Gentle, Cotton For Baby’s Sensitive Skin: You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your Portable Nest Bed is made from the purest cotton. Natural fibers keep your baby’s skin free from irritation, even in warmer weather when they are in direct contact with the fabric.

Make The Cutest Photo Prop: Capture your baby’s most precious memories in your new Nest Bed. They grow up so fast - remember them in all their cuteness, and even lend it to family and friends when you’re done.

Cleaning Is A Breeze: We all know that your adorable angels can sometimes make not so adorable little messes. Your priority is to always have a clean place for the baby to rest. Simply slip the cover off and put it straight into the washing machine.



Please note we do not recommend co-sleeping with our lounge. Please make sure to practice safe sleeping guidelines. 

This is a baby product and with all things baby, use with caution and trust your instincts. Common sense and intuition are something we encourage strongly. If it doesn’t feel safe it probably isn’t. 

  • Never leave your baby unattended or under a child's supervision.
  • Healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back, to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Bub’s head should always be placed towards the top of the baby nest, away from the ropes. 
  • Do not put pillows in the baby nest.
  • Place the baby nest on a flat hard surface and don’t place it on anything it could fall from.
  • Don’t place close to fire.
  • Don’t use the baby nest as a toy.  

Portable Travel Bed : 75cm x 45cm (29.5x16.53") Suitable for 0-3 year newborn infant. It is light and you can use it anywhere.