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Reusable Denim Diaper Pant



It's easy to see why the cloth diapers are coming back. With increasing concerns about toxic chemical exposure in infants and children and increased environmental awareness, cloth diapers are making smart, sustainable choices. But the advantages of cloth diapers do not stop there. Keeping a reusable stock of diapers on hand will relieve your anxiety. You won't have to think about running out of diapers — or about running out of shops or online subscriptions.

Unique design: The elastic around the edges gives it a nice soft, snug fit around baby's curves. The front panel is slightly elasticized to hug baby upfront. The elastic stays looking nice and DOESN'T PILL, yet is soft on baby's legs and waist.
Gussets along legs ensure an excellent hug around the baby's legs and help prevent leaking.

Waterproof PUL+Microfiber Material: Outer printing is spandex, inside is a waterproof PUL+microfiber. Next to baby's skin is extremely soft crushed panne velvet. It never pills and stays soft and nice-looking wash after wash. It's a polyester fabric that acts as a pass-through the wetness layer, allowing it to pass through the patch, leaving the baby's skin feeling warm.

Please select a size according to the baby's weight

M: 4-13KG  L: 8-16KG (Unit: kg)

If your baby is overweight or underweight, please select the size according to the size of your baby's belly

M: 12-19   L: 13-21 ( In inches)

This package contains: 1 diaper pants + 1 waterproof pouch