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Adorable Rabbit Swaddle Wrap



Keeping the little one warm while cozy for a good night's sleep. While layering a lot of light, breathable layers ensure that they stay snug during the day, baby sleeping bags keep babies covered from their arms all the way down to their small toes during the night. 

The other benefit of baby sleeping bags is that they're moving with your baby, which means no more lost blankets and a better chance of decent sleep for everyone!


Baby girl/boy height is within 74 cm (29.1 inches). Suitable from 0-12 months for babies. 


The knitted baby blanket is made of knitted cotton material, free of any substance which could damage the delicate and fragile skin of your baby. Soft breathable, easy, and clean. 


Features: Long sleeves, hooded, adorable ears like a bunny, solid color, buttons. Snap fastener, easy to open and close on both sleeve cuffs and front chest. Complete coverage while the baby is sleeping, providing overall security. It also helps reduce the chance of catching a cold or trotting.