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What to pack in your diaper Bag?

What a new mom will need every single time she steps out of the house with her lil cutie-patootie? Yes! It’s a diaper bag. Being a new mom, you can leave without a phone but not the diaper bag! Simply because you don’t want to run out of anything your baby needs.

A perfect diaper bag has all the essentials so that you can go stress free anywhere then may it be for a walk or a visit to doctor or a short trip. Make sure you always go through a checklist for what to pack in your diaper bag to enjoy your outing hassle-free with your lil one.

Many of the new Moms are in a dilemma whether to get a diaper bag or not. There are few questions that come to mind before buying a diaper bag. Some Moms think why can’t they go with any casual bag or Totes or some may wonder if it's uncool to carry a diaper bag. Well, a diaper bag on your outings makes things very sorted for you as it has got dedicated compartments which makes it easy to find what you want in no time. Basically you can keep all you need for your baby in a very organized way. And if you are puzzled because you think it’s not chic then you are wrong.

There are such gorgeous bags and even backpacks which look totally cool to carry and no one can find out if it’s a diaper bag.

Now, being a new mom, you might be wondering what to keep in your diaper bag? So, here it is.

● Diapers - Carry at least a pack of 5 Diapers to never have a scenario of running out of it even on a short trip.

● Wipes - Wipes is all you need to keep your baby clean and tidy.

● Creams or Ointment - Always keep a travel-size rash cream, baby rubs and any other cream necessary for your baby.

● Empty sacks - Though most bags has it you might need an extra one.

● Nursing cover - For the extra-privacy you need in public.

● Pacifier - If you use it for your baby then you must carry one.

● Burp/Wash clothes - You’ll definitely need one when your baby spills or spit up anything.

● Food for your baby - It includes baby food, formula milk, bottles etc

● First-Aid kit -Keep some bandages and other supplies just in case you need it.

● Toys -Keep 1-2 favorite toys or anything they like to distract them whenever needed.

● Extra clothes - Go anywhere but keep a pair as you might require a quick change of clothes anytime.

Other than these you can have a few add-ons as going out with a baby is a little unpredictable. A blanket, anything for extra layering, nail clippers and bibs. If you are not carrying an extra purse, then keep your keys, wallet, phone, water bottle and an extra shirt.

Here are some of the cool and stylish Diaper Bags which you can think of.

1. Stylish Diaper Bag


This diaper bag features multiple pockets for an ultimate organization to accommodate most baby essentials and still looks organized and compact. Like all other stylish baby bags, it comes with stroller straps, shoulder straps, insulation bags and a cushioned changing pad for convenience.


2. Unicorn Print Diaper Backpack


 This Unicorn diaper bag comes with a beautiful unicorn print. The spacious interior has room to tote everything from baby essentials to spare outfits and the extra-wide opening makes it easy to find essentials in a pinch.


3. Modern Designed Diaper Bag


Don't feel like bringing a big nappy bag when you go out for a short trip? Our fashion prints waterproof diaper bag is good for a short trip out or a nappy bag addition.

4. Chic Mama Diaper Backpack


Offering luxury for the effortlessly Chic Mama Diaper Backpack. Our Diaper backpack is a must for trendy mums. This backpack is made of durable, wipe-clean premium quality vegan leather. With 4 colors to choose from and clean lines, it features multiple pockets and a functional design. Store all of your baby's essentials safely and securely.

5. Daddy Diaper Backpack


If there’s one clutch piece of baby gear every dad needs, it’s the men’s diaper bag. It’s where you stow everything from baby bottles, diaper to phone chargers into the bag. The best diaper bags for dads are both functional and stylish. You need a bag that fits all the baby gear and keeps it organized, providing easy access to stuff like wipes, diaper rash creams, and bottles — while also looking trendy.

Diaper bag is a necessity and the best decision for the new mom. If you miss out on something then you may end up in a bad, undesirable situation. It’s not a warning but a fact. But packing too much could also be difficult to handle. So, pack your bag with appropriate things and enjoy every day and anywhere with your precious little one.