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5 Surprising Benefits of Using White Noise Machine

Have you ever submerged your head in bathwater while the water is still running? If yes, then you already have a perspective of what your baby hears during his/her stay inside your womb. It has been your baby’s “comfort music” to begin with. 

During his/her transition to the outside world, we might be needing some help to make the baby feel the comfort he/she felt before going out. That is where the White Noise Machine enters the picture. Here are some of its primary benefits that you should remember:


  1. Sound Sleep

The environment created by White Noise Machines gives the baby the womb-like environment he/she has been comfortable with. For this reason, the baby becomes more relaxed, calm, and tends to fall asleep faster. In addition, having a white noise machine around not only means faster sleeping for your baby, it pleasantly means that they will sleep longer as they need to- given the consistency of the environment is maintained.

  1. Nightly Ritual

One of the best things about being consistent with a practice is that it becomes a ritual. Since sleep is extremely essential for babies and children, it is helpful for them to train their minds to sleep at a certain time. Simple rituals like taking a bath before bedtime and listening to White Noise sounds builds the idea on their body that it is already time to sleep, thus, the body signals the brain conditioning the baby to fall asleep at a certain time every night. The parents get their own personal time and the baby gets enough sleep. A win-win situation.

  1. Portability

It is almost unbelievable how useful, easy, and portable a thing can be. White Noise Machines actually give us the convenience of such. These lightweight aid costs less than a $100 and higher-end models typically offer a wider selection of noises and sounds- which makes it even better. Features like alarm, timer, loop, and sleep timer are important to have as well.

If you’d like to check and see one of the best machines we recommend, visit these links:


4. Keeps Rooms Quite

True enough, when there is baby in the house, everyone would seem to tip toe and try to make less sound as possible. Everything inside the house can be controlled. However, we cannot stop people from the outside to make loud noises. Dog barking, people shouting, cars honking, etc., all these noises can interrupt the good sleep of your baby.

This inevitable circumstance is the reason we need a “noise-cancelling” agent. White Noise Machine does the job well. It covers up the sounds traveling in from the street outside or even from inside our own house or apartment. This is a big help when it comes to children and babies, who might be sleeping so lightly that any noise at all will wake them up.

  1. More Time for Yourself!

If you already have a baby, you know how tough it is to take care of them. They become your world and the center of your every thoughts. If you are about to have a baby, hang tight. You might get overwhelmed by the weight on your shoulders.

It is such a joy to bond with our babies and be with them at all times. But whether you deny it or not, you get so focused on your baby that you forget about yourself. We don’t want that.


Your baby needs to be taken care of; True. As long as he is awake, you won’t get to have the chance to lay back and rest. But making your baby sleep for a long time basically means, more “You” time. White Noise Machines does just that.