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4 "Anti-Mess" Items You Need Every Mealtime

Without a doubt, the most crucial and struggling part for both the kids and the parents are the formative years at ages 0-7. These are the years when they learn about things, the reality, and even how to do basic things like going to the bathroom on their own and eating their food the proper way.

On the process of teaching our little ones how to eat on their own can get messy. Really messy. And I am pretty sure that you got your hands already full to deal with this extra challenging activity. For this reason, we have formulated a list of items that will do you a favor of cleaning up or simply preventing the mess every time your kid eats.




Babies at early years has a terrible hand-eye coordination, so most of the food that you chop into a thousand pieces will most likely end up on the floor. Instead of cleaning up all the time and making numerous trips to the garbage bin, invest on this Waterproof Bib Table Cover that catches all the messy bits and encourages your child to eat independently. Just get a kitchen towel or clean rug to wipe off the surface and Voila.

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Accessories Gray Apron Food Feeding Accessories



Say goodbye to the scene where your baby/kid would throw the bowl/plate on the floor and make a huge mess. Silicone plates for babies are anywhere on the market, but how would you know the perfect one for you. First, it should be safe for your kid. There are different ratings of materials the plate can be made of, you need to choose the “Food-grade” level. Second, it is best to choose a plate that has a suction and won’t get easily spilt or lifted. And lastly, it should agree with what your baby likes.

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Have you seen pictures of babies covered in food? Adorable! Yes, they may seem cute at first, but if you think deeper, you may realize how hard their mom should clean the mess they made. As your kid practices eating the food on their own, you might be surprised how much food crumbs and bits will go on the floor. Getting an apron with a food catcher will do the trick though. And what better way to maximize the convenience? Make it Waterproof with an easy-to-close feature.

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Babies, with their tiny little hands and fingers won’t be able to fully grasp the spoons the adults use. That’s why, babies must have their own tableware set to accommodate to their needs as they learn how to eat on their own. If you have read the description above, you will know how important suction plates and bowls, bibs and catchers are. Best thing in getting all these essential items is if they have the same “convenient cleaning for moms” feature and comfortable fit for baby.

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