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New Mom Hacks: What You Need To Enjoy Motherhood Better

Welcome to Motherhood!

I know that there are a lot of questions running through your head now. While those questions seem to be numerous, there are still much more that you can learn by experience.

Sure, entering motherhood is far from easy. Sleepless nights, Anxiety, Stress, and many other things can eat you up and wear you down.

That’s why we’ve put together some important things that you need to know to enjoy motherhood even better!!!



Research in any form adds on to the ideas and input you needed to know upon taking care of your baby.  Though many ideas can be known through internet, books, and magazines, it is still recommended to consult the doctors and licensed individuals to make sure that the baby gets the optimal care he/she needs.

Furthermore, having the knowledge in terms of how to take care of your baby saves you from unnecessary stress, worry, and effort. This way, you would be able to enjoy the extra hours with your baby and embrace motherhood as it is.



In this era where everything is fast and instant, patience is something uncommon to see. As the civilization improves, so do the common people. However, no matter how we change, patience is still an important piece for new mothers.



“Preparation” is too general when it comes to talking about being a new mother. Except for preparing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially, you also need to prepare the people around you, your relatives, and even your own family before even the baby arrives. This is one of the most crucial preparations you need to do to keep the smooth flow of things after the baby comes.

However, one of the most stressful things to prepare for are the- “Yes, you’re right!” items your baby needs. I am sure that you have a list or have already bought the things your baby needs. But the question is, do you already have the things YOU need?

Being a new mom takes a toll on one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Thus, the need for new moms to take care of themselves as well. A Happy mom means a happy family as well. We have created a list that can help support you as you take care of your little bundle of joy while enjoying motherhood even better.



According to International Breastfeeding Journal, “Previous studies described that mothers of preterm infants are in a vulnerable situation, and that breastfeeding is an important part of becoming a new mother and bonding with the infant.”

Becoming a mother automatically means having to breastfeed your baby. That’s just the way nature works. While some women decided not to do such, most women still does this, and though this is a good bonding time for you and your baby, it is somewhat stressful and painful. So how can we aid ourselves while still giving enough breast milk nutrition for your baby?

 A. Breast pump

This is not a common thing. Most mothers already use this device, and based on the feedbacks heard, it makes breastfeeding more convenient, easy, and flexible.

 B. Breastfeeding/Nursing Support Pillow

When breastfeeding, your baby should be at the height of your breast. We all know how tiring it can be. Instead of suffering from muscle sprain, why not support your arms and your baby with a support pillow. When choosing a pillow, it is best for you to have the best, most flexible one that could cater your breastfeeding sesh at any position you are comfortable with.

One of our most recommended type of support pillow is found in this link: 



Babies, especially during their prime years, are vulnerable to sickness and diseases. Hence, sanitation is necessary. While they can be exposed to dirty things from outside, things from the inside can harm them as well. But what is the dirtiest thing closest to the baby you may ask? Obviously, your baby’s own poop. This may sound funny but it’s true. For this reason, you need to up your game when it comes to organizing and disposing your baby’s diapers.

While there are many available diaper bags at the market, getting a quality, well thought of, and multifunctional items are hard to find. Here are some of the best-selling items guaranteed for its longevity and usability. Plus, it’s super stylish.