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10 Gift Ideas For Moms-To-Be Who Deserve A Little Pampering

If anyone deserves to be spoiled rotten, it is a pregnant women. Whether they are first time, second time mom, nourishing new life is a round-the-job that takes a physical and mental toll.

The lucky lady deserves the best. No matter if you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, friend or daughter. These gifts for her will steal her heart.

1. Fashionable Diaper Bag

Carry all the infant essentials in style with this elegant Fashionable Diaper Bag! 

Parenting can be very frustrating, especially during the first few months, things are often misplaced and stored incorrectly. Made out of Faux Leather and a string lock type, this spacious bag will fit everything you'd ever need. It's for moms on the go! 


Get the Fashionable Diaper Bag from Momorii.

2. Diaper Organiser Bag

You can say goodbye to the days of going out carrying only your phone, keys and purse when you have a baby. Caring a baby requires having a lot of stuff around. Most new moms learn that it is better to be prepared than to be not having something around.

That means packing a lot. Your faithful old handbag is suddenly not cutting it anymore, and it's time to get a portable diaper stroller organizer bag. It comes in 5 colors to match your outfits.


Get the Diaper Organiser Bag from Momorii.

3. Adjustable Breast Feeding Pillow

Our nursing pillow will help nursing moms to relieve instantly all kinds of discomfort such as waist and arm pain while breastfeeding baby.


Get the Adjustable Breast Feeding Pillow from Momorii.

4. Baby Nail Trimmer Kit

Keeping newborn babies clean and free from scratches can be a challenge. One thing you may notice is how quickly their nails grow even in their first few weeks. You should trim their nails regularly to prevent them from scratching themselves. Your job would become much easier and enjoyable if you had owned this adorable and specially designed baby nail trimmer kit. 


Get the Baby Nail Trimmer Kit from Momorii.

5. Baby Food Maker

Buying store ready-made baby food may be convenient but a lot of parents would prefer to offer their baby homemade food so they know exactly what they're putting in their little bodies. This helps parents to have complete control of what their child consumes and ensures that they receive all the nutrients they need from fresh, whole foods. That's why baby food makers are a perfect addition to your shopping list when you have a little one. 


Get this Baby Food Maker from Momorii.

6. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

What can be happier than watching their baby growing up showing their inquisitive and innocent expressions? While having this special feeling of joy, it also fills the parents' eyes with tears as their baby's innocence gradually slips away. Now it is possible to capture the sweet memory of how your cute child grows. This is possible through the use of baby milestone blankets.



Shop this Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket from Momorii.

7. Baby Diaper Caddy Storage Box

Keep being chic even during baby duties with this awesome Baby Diaper Caddy Storage Box!

With a huge space to fit everything your kid will ever need! It is specially made for moms on the go! This 14.17x3.54x2.76 inches cotton fabric will definitely carry all your babysitting essentials while also not failing to keep you looking chic and put together!


Shop this Baby Diaper Caddy Storage Box from Momorii.

8. Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Our anti-colic baby bottle shaped like a breast teat for easy latch-on acceptance guaranteed, soft smooth silicone teat feels closer to the skin and flexes like mum's natural nipple. Teat design prevents collapse so your baby can enjoy an uninterrupted feed.


Shop Anit-Colic Baby Bottle from Momorii.

9. Cute LED Rabbit Night Light

Most children are scared of the dark, whether there are monsters lurking or not. Buying a nice light can assure them that there is nothing scary. But most of all this rabbit is a reminder of the good things, distracting children from all scary things.


Shop Cute LED Rabbit Night Light from Momorii.

10. Owl White Noise Machine

Owl White Noise Machine can be a life saver for parents with little one. It helps your baby fall asleep easily. With regular usage, the sound machine can make your child feel like it's time for a long, restful slumber.

This Owl White Noise Machine generates white noise which is a mixture of different sound pitches that sound like a constant buzz or hum (like a static radio or a fan, hairdryer, vacuum or car engine). White noise most closely resembles what your infant hears in the womb, which can act to lull the baby to sleep naturally.


Shop Owl White Noise Machine from Momorii.