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Unique Gifts For Her Under $50

Unique Gifts For Her Under $50

Choosing the right gift for a baby girl can be tricky, especially if you are on a tight budget. But don't worry, MOMORII is here to help you select from a variety of products within your budget. In this article, we will list out ten unique gifts for your little princess that too under $50. Read on.

  1. Owl White Noise Machine

Making your little one sleep is perhaps one of the hardest jobs for a new parent. But don't worry; MOMORII is here to help you out. This owl white noise machine helps your child to fall asleep easily. Eventually, whenever your child hears the sound, he/she will know it's time for sleep.

  1. Animal Baby Play Mats

Your little girl needs a play mat to enjoy his/her tummy time, playtime, and shuffling around. The animal baby play mats from MOMORII are certainly one of the best products available in the market. The design effortlessly fits any environment like nursery class or living room.

Play Mat Elephant Animal Baby Play Mats

  1. Baby Nail Trimmer Kit

If you are a new parent, you must have noticed how fast your baby's nails grow. Therefore, you need to trim them regularly so that she doesn’t scratch herself accidentally. This baby nail trimmer kit will make the tricky task much easier and effortless.

  1. Baby Bath Support Mat

Bathing your little girl is one of the essential factors behind maintaining her good health. But when you have a newborn, you need to be extra careful. The baby bath support mat will help you ensure that the baby is not slipping or sliding around while bathing.

  1. Baby Stuff Tableware

The baby stuff tableware from MOMORII uses high food-grade quality materials. Therefore, hygiene won't be an issue for you anymore, and it will last a lifetime. The set contains a silicone bib, a bowl, a silicon spoon with a wooden handle. In addition, the silicone material makes the cleaning process much easier for moms.

  1. Baby Animal Play Mats

Your toddler needs a good playing area for rolling and tumbling. So, you need a good-quality play mat that will ensure your child's safety. This baby animal play mat might be the thing to satisfy your requirements as it is very soft and 1cm thick.

Play Mat Bear Animal Baby Play Mats

  1. Adorable Rabbit Ears Learner Bottle

You need a good drinking bottle for your baby while traveling or sitting at home. So, this adorable rabbit ears learner bottle from MOMORII might be the perfect choice for you. The bottle is spill-proof, easy to handle, and has a silicone spout.

  1. Baby Food Maker

Many parents prefer not to provide ready-made food to their babies. This is because they want to have full control over what their babies are actually eating. But making food for babies takes a lot of effort. So, get this baby food maker to make your job effortless.

Accessories Baby Food Maker

  1. Diaper Organizers Bag

This diaper organizers bag makes your traveling easy and hassle-free. We all know how much stuff you need to carry while traveling with a baby. This bag has multiple compartments, so keeping the bottles, snacks, mobiles won't be a problem.

  1. Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

As soon as you become a new parent, you start hearing stories of colic in babies. Yes, this can be scary, but the answer to this problem is pretty straightforward. This anti-colic baby bottle from MOMORII helps you to feed the baby while preventing the air from entering.

Accessories Anti-Colic Baby Bottle