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Baby Blanket Swaddle Wrap



Baby blankets keep your bundle of joy snug, safe, and warm. Whether you're on the go or lounging in the house, just like this cute baby blanket that features cartoon print designs that are super soft and perfect for your little ones. It's the ideal swaddle wrap for most days outside or even indoors.

Material: Cotton


When using a swaddle wrap, make sure the baby is dressed according to the room temperature. If additional warmth is needed, a light blanket is usually all that is necessary but takes care to tuck the blanket firmly so it cannot ride up and cover the baby’s head during sleep. Another way to provide additional warmth is to dress your baby in layers of clothing inside the swaddle wrap to keep the baby warm. 

For safer sleeping, do not use swaddle wrap when co-sleeping with the baby or without adult supervision.