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Baby Boy Baptism Outfit

3Pcs Set (without hat)
4Pcs Set
Suggested Age

Celebrate a special moment in your little boy's life with our Baby Boy Baptism Outfit. This elegant christening white vest set is designed to make your son look like a perfect gentleman on his baptism day, first birthday, or at a wedding party. This outfit combines style, tradition, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for these significant milestones.

The outfit features a classic white vest that symbolizes purity and innocence, perfect for baptism and christening ceremonies.

This suit comes with coordinating pieces to create a polished look, including a smart shirt, a sophisticated vest, trousers, and possibly accessories like a bow tie or cap, depending on the set.

Made with soft, comfortable materials, the set is gentle on your baby’s skin, ensuring he stays comfortable throughout the ceremony and festivities.

While ideal for baptisms and christenings, this outfit is also perfect for birthdays, weddings, and any formal gatherings where your little one needs to look his best.

The suit’s design is inspired by classic gentleman's attire, providing a timeless and charming look for your baby boy.

The Baby Boy Baptism Outfit from is more than just clothing; it's a keepsake of one of the earliest and most precious celebrations in your child's life. With its elegant design and comfortable fit, your little one will not only look adorable but also feel great during the special event, creating memories that you'll cherish forever.


Material: COTTON

Suggested Age
Suggested Size
Length Pants Length Bust Shoulder Waist
Inch Cm Inch Cm Inch Cm Inch Cm Inch Cm
9M 80 11.81 30 10.63 27 22.83 58 18.90 48 18.11 46
12M 80 11.81 30 10.63 27 22.83 58 18.90 48 18.11 46
18M 90 12.60 32 11.42 29 24.02 61 19.69 50 18.90 48
24M 90 12.60 32 11.42 29 24.02 61 19.69 50 18.90 48
3T 100 13.39 34 12.20 31 24.80 63 20.47 52 19.69 50
4T 110 14.17 36 12.99 33 25.98 66 21.26 54 20.47 52


*Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.