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Baby Goblet Water Bottle



Say goodbye to the boring water bottle. Now it's a fun new twist on the old, boring baby bottles!

This fun baby water bottle brings it to a whole new level by coming in an interesting, elegant wine glass style with a special leak-proof lid.

 Made from PP material, tasteless, non-toxic, and durable.

Goblet shape prevents tipping. Super soft water outlet. High-temperature resistance - 80C°, made from environmentally friendly materials

Easy to grip and can be used for milk, juice, beverages, or just water. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Suitable for infants 8 months and older, with scale cups, you can pour the right measured amount of liquid according to your baby's need.

Additionally, this product has also been proven handy for aged persons who have difficulties drinking liquid from conventional cups.







Material: PP
Item Volume:150ML