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Baby Head Protection Cushion



Baby head protector provides excellent neck, back, head protection for babies and  helps them to enjoy a lovely play. Babies are easy to fall, injure their heads and  shoulders  as  they  learn to walk, to run and to crawl! This cute little wing protector will help you protect your baby's head . The baby's head pillow provides support for the fall and acts  as a protection for the infant.

Soft & Breathable: Ultra-light weight  velvet  crystal  fabric and  high elastic cotton filter.

Head Back Protection Function: Protect the baby's head and back, prevent the baby from falling and hurt the head when walking, effectively alleviate the impact. Suitable for baby age 13 months and above.

Adjustable Soft Straps: The shoulder and chest belts are of various sizes and free to walk, crawl and ride.

Adorable Cartoon Appearance: Deeply loved by babies as a back piece protector pad or pet.

Perfect Gift: Perfect  gift for a  baby shower or mum-to-be.