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Denim Top and White Skirt with Shorts Underneath



Introducing our Denim Top and White Skirt with Shorts Underneath, a stylish and versatile outfit perfect for your little girl's wardrobe. This set combines the classic appeal of denim with the charm of a white skirt, creating a trendy and comfortable ensemble.

The denim top features a sleeveless design, allowing for freedom of movement and keeping your little one cool during warm days. The white skirt is layered with shorts underneath, providing extra coverage and convenience for active playtime. The combination of denim and white creates a fresh and modern look, perfect for any occasion.

This set is adorned with adorable bow design at the front, adding a touch of sweetness and charm. It's the perfect balance of style and comfort for your little one.

This Denim Top and White Skirt with Shorts Underneath set is ideal for fashion-forward and active girls who love to express their unique style. It's perfect for everyday wear, family outings, special occasions, and more. Let your little girl shine in this fashionable and comfortable ensemble.

Invest in quality and style with our Denim Top and White Skirt with Shorts Underneath. Your little one will love the comfort, versatility, and adorable details of this set.


Material: Cotton blend 

Suggested Age
Suggested Size
Length Bust Waist Pants Length
Inch Cm Inch Cm Inch Cm Inch Cm
1-2T 90 4.72 12 19.69 50 15.75 40 8.66 22
2-3T 100 5.12 13 21.26 54 16.54 42 9.06 23
3-4T 110 5.51 14 22.05 56 17.32 44 9.45 24
4-5T 120 5.91 15 22.83 58 18.11 46 9.84 25
5-6T 130 6.30 16 23.62 60 18.90 48 10.24 26


*Please allow 1-3cm differencen due to manual measurement