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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Kit



New parents do not like changing diapers, but there is a task that many fear even more which is clipping the fingernails of infants. However, if you don't want to keep your baby in the mittens, it is a job that needs to be done. Otherwise the baby ends up with a scratched face. So shop for the right nail clippers for babies and get the job done.

The fingernails of babies are so thin that they are very sharp as well. In addition, for the first months of their lives babies scratch their faces easily.

There is very little risk of babies being hurt by scratching themselves. The eyes are the only areas that are always in danger of scratching. When an object gets too near, a newborn's eyes immediately close, just as our own eyes do. This is valid even if the baby's own hand is the approaching item.

Safe Design Baby Nail Trimmer: There is 2mm foam cushion under sandpaper that won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, safely & quickly trim and polish tiny toenails and fingernails.

LED Light & Whisper-Quiet: These baby nail Trimmer comes with LED light, you can use it in the dark night. It is 35dB operating sound will not wake your baby up and not causes uneasiness.

One-Button Action & 4 Adjustable Speeds:This easy-to-use electric baby nail clipper with one button high and low speed operation. Easy to use, clockwise and counter clock wise reverse rotation. Exquisite, 360 ° all-round polishing makes toenails and fingernails cleaner and smoother.

Multi function: Kid's finger nail clippers come with 3 cushioned sand papers safe for your little one and 3 attachments for adult use.

Light weight and Compact:  Lightweight and compact. You are able to put in your diaper bag, hand bag makes it easy to carry and use it whenever you go.

Material: ABS