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Long Sleeve Romper with Vintage Bonnet



Adorn your little one in timeless charm with our Long Sleeve Romper with Vintage Bonnet. This delicate ensemble features a long-sleeve romper with exquisite floral embroidery adorning the big collars, reminiscent of a bygone era. To complete the look, a matching vintage bonnet adds a touch of vintage elegance.

Crafted with care, the snap buttons ensure effortless dressing and diaper changes. The rich brown colors exude warmth and comfort, perfect for embracing the cozy seasons.

For baby girls who deserve a touch of classic beauty, this romper and bonnet set is an ideal choice. Whether capturing precious moments in photographs or cherishing everyday cuddles, this ensemble will become an heirloom piece filled with memories.

Celebrate your baby's unique style with our Long Sleeve Romper with Vintage Bonnet. Elevate her presence with an ensemble that speaks of grace, comfort, and timeless elegance.

Ideal for parents seeking a touch of vintage allure for their little girl, this romper and bonnet set is the epitome of charm and sophistication. Prepare for an outpouring of compliments and a journey into nostalgia with every wear.

Embrace the past and create magical memories with our Long Sleeve Romper with Vintage Bonnet. A cherished outfit that evokes classic beauty in a modern world.


Material: Cotton blend

Suggested Age
Suggested Size Suggested Height Suggested Weight
Inch Cm Inch Cm 3.5-6.9kg
0-2M 27.17 69 21.65-23.23 55-59 6.9-8.5kg
2-4M 25.98 66 23.23-25.98 60-66 7.2-9kg
4-7M 28.74 73 26.77-28.74 68-73 8.5-10kg
7-10M 31.50 80 28.74-30.71 73-78 10-11kg
10-12M 35.43 90 31.50-33.46 80-85 -
1-2T 39.37 100 33.46-35.43 85-90 -
2-3T 43.31 110 35.43-37.40 90-95 -
3-4T 47.24 120 39.37 100 -

*Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.