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Montessori Counting Toys



Counting from one to ten by memory is simple, but the concept of quantity and the sequence of numbers requires some visual aids to make it easy for kids to spread out and start connecting numbers with amounts.  This beautifully crafted large rectangular shaped wooden board is perfectly sanded and finished with no sharp edges.  It provides the correct number of corresponding divots for each number as well as matching colored beads to further guide kids. It also features carved-out numbers so kids can practice tracing them.
Helps engage your child in meaningful play. Improves hand-eye coordination, counting, sorting and creativity.


  • Warning: Keep away from fire
  • Certification: Europe certified (CE)
  • Material Feature: Phthalate Free,  BPA Free,  Nitrosamine Free, PVC Free
  • Suitable Age: Toy is unsuitable for children are younger than three years old.