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Owl White Noise Machine For Baby


Owl White Noise Machine can be a life saver for parents with little one. It helps your baby fall asleep easily. With regular usage, the sound machine can make your child feel like it's time for a long, restful slumber.

This Owl White Noise Machine generate white noise which is a mixture of different sound pitches that sound like a constant buzz or hum (like a static radio or a fan, hair dryer, vacuum or car engine). White noise most closely resembles what your infant hears in the womb, which can act to lull baby to sleep naturally.

This product comes with 12 calming sounds and a timer for auto-off.

Create Comfortable Sleeping Environment: Three timing modes can be set so that your little one can sleep in peace and comfort and liberate the hands of parents.

Portable Size: Small size and lightweight with a silicone strap, easy to carry for outdoor use, and can be easily attached to baby stroller, or crib.

Auto-off Timer: The auto-off timer can be programmed to save energy for 15,  30, 60 minutes, no more concerns about turning off the machine.

12 Calming Sounds: Includes 10 calm music, birds and waves. All sounds are mollifying and calming with no jarring sounds. You are able to select the sound that your baby prefers.

Adjustable Volume: Adjustable volume control makes it possible for you to get the sound right.

Perfect Gift: Perfect gift for your baby shower, mom-to-be or any other occasions.