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Smiling Face Children Slippers



Brighten up your child's summer with our Smiling Face Children Slippers! Perfect for keeping little feet comfortable and stylish all season long.

These delightful slippers for boys and girls feature a cheerful smiling face design that kids love. Made from lightweight EVA material, they provide a soft, cushioned feel that's ideal for everyday wear. The anti-slip sole ensures safety during all their summer adventures, whether at the pool, beach, or around the house.

Picture your child enjoying the warm weather, comfortably and safely. The hollow leaking design of these slippers keeps their feet cool and dry by allowing water and air to flow through, making them perfect for hot days and wet environments.

Don’t wait to add a touch of joy and practicality to your child's summer wardrobe. Our Smiling Face Children Slippers are available for kids aged 2-14 years and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Shop now and let your child step into summer with a smile!





Lining Material: PVC

Material: EVA

Suggested Age
Sole Label
Suggested Foot Length Shoes Length
inch cm inch cm
2-3T 24-25 5.51-5.71 14-14.5 5.91-6.10 15-15.5
3-4T 26-27 5.71-6.10 15-15.5 6.30-6.50 16-16.5
4-5T 28-29 6.30-6.50 16-16.5 6.69-6.89 17-17.5
5-6T 30-31 6.69-6.89 17-17.5 7.09-7.28 18-18.5
6-7T 32-33 7.09-7.28 18-18.5 7.48-7.68 19-19.5
7-8T 34-35 7.48-7.68 19-19.5 7.87-8.07 20-20.5
8-9T 36-37 7.87-8.07 20-20.5 8.27-8.46 21-21.5
9-10T 38-39 8.27-8.46 21-21.5 8.66-8.86 22-22.5



*Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.