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Vintage Crochet Knitted Sleeveless Vest Set



Introduce a touch of vintage charm to your little girl's summer wardrobe with this Vintage Crochet Knitted Sleeveless Vest Set. This delightful ensemble, perfect for the warmer months, combines the timeless appeal of crochet with the comfort of knitting in a fashionable girls' sweater vest. Featuring a hollow-out design, this suspender short set is not only stylish but also provides a comfortable and breathable fit for your baby girl.

The set features a beautifully crafted crochet pattern that exudes a vintage charm, adding a unique and stylish touch to your little one's outfit.  The knitted fabric ensures that the vest is soft and comfortable against your child's skin, making it perfect for all-day wear during the summer.

Complementing the vest, the suspender shorts boast a hollow-out design that is both fashionable and functional, offering ventilation on hot days.

Ideal for casual outings, family gatherings, or even as a chic option for summer parties, this vest set is versatile enough for any occasion.

This set is both delicate in appearance and durable in construction, ensuring it can withstand the playfulness of your little one.

Dress your baby girl in our Vintage Crochet Knitted Sleeveless Vest Set and let her enjoy the summer in style. This set not only elevates her fashion but also keeps her comfortable during those warm, sunny days.


Material: COTTON blend


Suggested Age
Suggested Height
inch cm
18M 31.50-35.43 80-90
2T 35.43-39.37 90-100
3T 39.37-43.31 100-110
5T 43.31-47.24 110-120
7T 47.24-51.18 120-130
10T 51.18-55.12 130-140
12T 55.12-59.06



 *Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.