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White Noise Machine


For a parent with a newborn baby in the household, sleep can seem like only a dream. Even if you’re past the waking up every few hours for feedings phase, your baby might still have some trouble falling (or staying) asleep.

To help your baby sleep better at night, pediatricians often recommend relaxing activities, such as warm baths. When nothing seems to work, parents might turn to alternative measures like white noise.


Pediatrists often recommend soothing practices such as warm baths, to help your baby sleep better at night. Parents may turn to alternative methods, such as white noise, when nothing seems to work. 


White noise refers to sounds  that mask other sounds which may naturally occur in an environment. For example, if you live in a city, white noise could help block traffic-related noises. 


Different sounds may be used to help encourage sleep regardless of noise from the environment. Types provide calming ocean sounds or rainforests.


Automatic shutdown timer: This white noise machine can be played continuously all night or an auto-off timer can be set to save 15, 30 or 60 minutes of energy
(light display).

Improve Quality of Sleep: Our white sound machine not only blocks noise but also improve the quality of sleep for adults and baby.


Compact and Portable: Small, portable and easy to carry and can be used at home, at the workplace, in a dorm, in a baby nursery or anywhere you like. 


9 kinds of smooth and natural sounds: It features white noise, wave sound, birdsong, waterfall, cricket sound, bicker, and 3 lullabies, allowing you to select sounds according to your tastes and providing a comfortable atmosphere for you and your little one to sleep easily and relax fully.

Note: Pediatricians recommend that any white noise machines should be placed at least 7 feet away (200 cm) from your baby’s crib. You should also keep the volume on the machine below the maximum volume setting.